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Stella Chemifa is the world's largest manufacturer of high-purity hydrofluoric acid, a wholly-owned subsidiary in Singapore, Jurong Island manufacturing sites chosen products, including high-purity hydrofluoric acid and buffered hydrofluoric acid. The company will shift production facilities from Japan to Singapore .......

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    Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc is a trade production enterprise with the largest industrial scale in Chinese fluorite industry, whose business involves many fields such as mining, renewable energy, medicine and chemical industry, tourism, real estate, international trade and investment.
    In energy field, Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc makes efforts in creating the most competitive enterprise with renewable resources. It makes full use of renewable resources and maintains the leading technological position in processing and recycling fields.
    In chemical field, Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc has a history of decades of fluorite mining and mineral processing, owning the ownership of the highest quality fluorine mine in the world and maintaining a long-term friendly cooperation with world-renowned fluorine chemical enterprises.
    In agricultural field, aiming at addressing fertilizer loss, improving fertilizer efficiency, reducing the waste of huge nutrients in fertilizer, controlling agricultural cost, preventing land compaction, declining produce quality as well as water resource and environmental pollution, Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc has made large investment in tacking those problems, so as to provide high-quality fluorine containing slow release fertilizer and fluorine additives, promote modern agriculture development and realize harvest increase, thus contribute to national agricultural security.
    In tourism and real estate field, Zhongying Group fully utilizes the resources of mine land, underground hot springs to create the tourism project like rural self-tour, “happy farmhouse, rural food” in second-tier cities, not only enriching the living of urban residents, but also increasing money-making opportunities for farmers, thus forge the characteristic enterprise of hot spring and mining tourism.
    In future, Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc improve the core business to forge coordinated and sustainable industrial clusters, make efforts to achieve sustained growth and progress thus create value for society.
    Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc is a large scale enterprise with the rights of self-managed fluorite export license. “Zhongying International “ and “DELL MART” serve the core value of company and customer, uphold the spirit of entrepreneurship and innovation, practice the enterprise cultural concept of “profession creates value” and constantly improve the value of “Zhongying”.
    “Dynamar” property, the parent company of Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc applies direct sales mode to guarantee the promise of permanent low price and high quality, meanwhile, provides trade trust and leasing business to various enterprises.

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