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We always believe that the company’s growth is closely related to social development and harmony. “Provide quality products to the society, create unique enterprise culture and create value for society” has always been the faithful commitment of Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc.

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1)Core concept:professional, efficient, innovation, pursuit of excellence
   Professional, high-efficient, innovation is the inexhaustible source of enterprise strength, and the capital of
   the enterprise’s growth and development.
   Dedication, team awareness and a strong sense of professionalism are the enterprise's cohesion.
   The pursuit of excellence is always the objective pursued by the enterprise; effectiveness and efficiency are    the soul of the enterprise.
   Sustainable innovation
   Pioneering, the pursuit of excellence and originality creation
   promote the spirit of open and equality, respect, encourage and inspire the staff's self-determination and
   innovation. Seek product and service innovation, technological innovation and management.
   Innovation, produce high added products and services through innovation.
   Professional, efficient
   In high morality, being practical, professional and efficient are the fundamental principles of the enterprise    and staff.
   In high morality means being honest and loyal
   Law abidance
   Legitimate business operation, honesty business operation and pursuit of bi-win situation. Keep the    promise and make the achievements. Being honest and integrity, but not stubborn, consciously take social    responsibility and made the company’s interest be in line with the overall social development.
2)Elements of evergreen enterprise
   Consciously or unconsciously, consciously or subconsciously to put the company's interests in the first    place.
   Have good corporate culture with great doubt cohesion, binding force and inspiration.
   Have a set of operation and management systems and tools which match the enterprise ideas and culture
   to ensure continuous , health and stable development.
   Service principles
   1、Customer first - always regards meeting the needs of customers as the primary work.
   2、Initiative and enthusiastic - actively provide customers with quality service.
   3、Polite and smile – is the basic requirement for each staff in customer service.
   4、Solidarity and cooperation - a harmonious team spirit is the basis to achieve the most efficient and best          service.

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