Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc is a manufacturing enterprise with an integration of fluorite production, chemistry and tra de, whose business involves many fields such as mining, renewable energy, medicine and chemical industry, tourism, real estate, international trade and investment.Since the establish in 1996, Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc Group has been positively exploring the path from traditional mineral resource enterprise to the enterprise with sustainable development, vigorously promoting management innovation and focusing on developing five major industries, namely, energy, chemistry.
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Inquired about the product〉
Fluorite is also known as fluorite industry the main source of fluorine, is the world's 20 non-metallic mineral raw materials of several important one
Mining history〉
China is a country with rich fluori-
te resource, long development and utilization. It was firstly mined in small amount by the local farmers in Xinchang-Wuyi of Zhejiang
Global Cooperation)

The cooperation with world top 500 companies enables Zhongying to see farther in a higher point in global strategies.
Investment and Trade〉

Fluorite is widely used in metallurgy, aluminum, glass, ceramics, cement and chemistry, etc.
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