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Training system
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Develop towards the integrated enterprise centered by energy development and resource utilization. Positively protect the environment and save energy to ensure product safety and reliability. Strive to make contribution to the society and be a good social member.

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  People are the most importance resource to the enterprise. Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc attaches great importance to human resources development and training. Through building learning organization, the group advocates employees to grow up with the enterprise and strive to make the company as “a brand enterprise that attracts, unites and trains talents thus expands and makes achievements, and all the employees are delighted in working.”
Training principle
    The training of Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc is based on post system and employee performance management system, the management level and subsidiaries are responsible for divided management, which is implemented in steps; conduct the training of enterprise culture, professional knowledge, job skills and overall quality training.
Training system
The company provides the employees with various courses to help employee grow and progress,Provide course training to the employees with management responsibility:
    As for ordinary employees, provide the training concerning vocational skills such as effective communication, effective solution to the problem, business etiquette, time management, non-impact positions, showing skills and business knowledge, business skills improvement, etc;
    To help new employees integrate into the company, the company has set up a new staff training programs;
Multi-channel professional development
    Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc has designed multi-channel professional development of management and administration, engineering technology, trade and marketing, etc, to create conditions for the employee to enhance their career.

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