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Develop towards the integrated enterprise centered by energy development and resource utilization. Positively protect the environment and save energy to ensure product safety and reliability. Strive to make contribution to the society and be a good social member.

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    Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc is a world supported by a variety of talents, whose value was jointly created by the employees. Therefore, we regard the employees as the most valuable wealth and are willing to employ the world’s best talents with the highest potential and hope each employee can enjoy good development in our company.
    Centralfluor Industries is like a big family composed of individuals with distinctive personalities. We value people, respect people and believe the individual progress is closely related to enterprise development. The vitality of Centralfluor Industries originates from the creativity of the employees; the employees work hard, the company will flourish; the employees commit to innovation and the companies will be vigorous. The company’s development is driven by the employees and the employee’s individual development needs the opportunity and room provided by the company. Therefore, letting both enterprise and employees enjoy the best development is our pursuit.

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