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 Development strategy
develop towards the integrated enterprise centered by energy development and resource utilization technology. Actively protect environment, save energy to ensure product safety and reliability. Make contribution to the society and be a member that serving the society.

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    We always believe that the company’s growth is closely related to social development and harmony. “Provide quality products to the society, create unique enterprise culture and create value for society” has always been the faithful commitment of Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc.
    Facing the global economic integration, we deeply feel the heavy historical mission. We are restless in face of the gap with the world famous enterprises. Our belief is: transform traditional industries by new and high technology so as to promote their upgrade to the first class; maximally satisfy the customer’s needs by continuously innovative products and wholeheartedly service.
    In order to realize the lofty goal of “profession creates value”, the enterprise bases on environment protection and revitalizes national industry to constitute the development blueprint of Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc. The whole company is to continue to spare no effort to consolidate, develop and expand the cooperation with customers. We are in earnest expectation of people in all walks of life to offer us a wider range of support.

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