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develop towards the integrated enterprise centered by energy development and resource utilization technology. Actively protect environment, save energy to ensure product safety and reliability. Make contribution to the society and be a member that serving the society.

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The Mission of Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc
●   Become the model of “technology advanced, resource-saving and environment-friendly” in the industry;
●   Become an international enterprise centered by energy development, resource utilization and chemical science;
●   Become the enterprise that abides by social responsibility, environmental protection and energy conservation to ensure product safety and serve the society.

Industrial Service Strategy of Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc

The Group’s development strategy is the sustainable development strategy formulated by Centralfluor Industries Group,Inc according to the external environment and internal conditions.
“Energy development”— the sustainable development ability and assurance;
“Resource utilization” — centered by chemical science and technology, focus on market development and product production, make continuous technological innovation, improve product quality to ensure the company’s strengths in various areas with long-term goal;
“Internal management”— improve scientific internal management, strive to increase revenue, trigger the staff’s working enthusiasm and improve the working living standards;
“Expansion development” — seek development through innovation, seek strength through integration and acquisition, seek bi-win situation through cooperation;
“Development field” — centered by fluorine industry, develop towards the relevant fields and products like agriculture, chemistry, tourism, finance and real estate.


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